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Here's the Problem

If it's hard for someone to understand your idea, they will think your idea is unsound. This means they won't think your idea is based on reasoning and thus unacceptable. This has been studied in psychology. It's called processing fluency.

Here's One of Many Solutions

We came up with a set of questions and brainstorms. When you complete these steps, you are closer to clarity. Your thoughts will be organized and you will have a structured message to share with your audience, giving you the confidence to be clear and concise.

Points on Paper Process

Little PoP

Here's a simple way to get your idea on paper, whether you’re writing a short email—-or say—-you need to make a quick point that contradicts the opinion of your boss. Little PoP can help you. Print it and answer the questions. Before you know it, you'll be influencing everyone... maybe even your boss.

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Big PoP

Are you sure you want to try this? I'm warning you. It's difficult. Big PoP will kick your butt. This is so you can have your entire elevator pitch you created in Little PoP backed up by facts and stories. Seriously, if you want to do Big PoP (a) you're crazy and (b) get ready for some serious thinking.

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Message Map Maker

While working in corporate America, I wanted a faster and disciplined way to create clear statements about ideas. I wanted to visualize them on paper. I created the Points on Paper process. Then I digitized and automated it while working at AT&T. This tool takes you through a digital version of the Points on Paper canvas. At the end you get a message map, which is a professional communication tool.

Digital Version of PoP Process

Instead of aimlessly writing on a clean whiteboard or a blank word processor, you will be thinking with discipline. Points on Paper helps you by:

-Forcing you to focus on fundamental communication questions often overlooked.
-You will have a structured way to reach clarity of an idea.
-The app is also designed to write the most essential statements; you only have 70 characters to answer each question.
-When finished, your thoughts are organized into a Message Map.
-It also automatically saves your work, which means you can start a new project on your Windows desktop at work and finish on your iPhone at home.


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The App
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The App, Book
& Your Message

  • Guided Brainstorm Session
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